Education System and Cultural Shock

Education is vital for every individual. Every human being had already started their learning since adolescent. Back then, parents play an important role by raising their child to talk, walk, eat and more. Same goes to me. My first education institution was kindergarten followed by primary school, secondary school and now in college. For me, SPM is just a beginning to the next higher level for education. I pass the examination with flying colors and managed to get a scholarship from JPA. Then, I pursue my studies at INTEC Education College. After a week being at here, I could see many similarities and differences of education system and social life between my previous school life and college life. The similarities of education system for three stages of educations which are primary, secondary school and college was institution of learning. It involves students, teachers or lecturers and teaching facilities. The teaching facilities were the state of the art. Furthermore, teachers or lecturers are always there to help students to deal with problems. I am able to refer to the teachers through WhatsApp application on smartphones. In addition, the three institution of learning involve examtaking system. It is to evaluate our acquisition of knowledge. The differences in social life were all institutions have their own club activities, class activities and more. There were also many different kind of clubs, society, sports that I interested to join with. Not to mention, there is also students representative councils which help institution authorities to work efficiently.  Moreover, in classes, I have to work together along with my friends as a group to accomplish certain task, work, and assignment given by the lecturers and teachers. On the other hand,  I found that there are numerous differences between these three institutions. First of all, in college life, I don’t have to wear the same uniform as the others. The students are feel free to wear          any kind of apparel but in appropriate way. Except for Monday and Friday, I need to wear national clothing, baju kurung. Next, in education system, I can make friend with lecturers. They are open minded which is easy to make discussion with. In the first place, I have to learn and plan our schedule efficiently. Unlike during the school life where everything was planned for us, in college life I have to spend my financial independently in order to survive without my parents. Additionally, the grading scale at INTEC really got my gut. They are quite high and impossible to achieve without burning the midnight oil. By the same token, social life in INTEC and secondary school are unalike. Firstly, I had meet friends form various state in Malaysia such as Kelantan, Terengganu and Perak. From that, I will be able to learn their culture and dialects to increase my knowledge. Furthermore, I found that my friends at the college are more matured compared to secondary school. We shared problems and deal with it seriously and tactfully. In a nutshell, there are many smilarities and differences on education system and social life between primary, secondary school and college. Education teaches me to be who I am, what I am going to do and my responsibilities are.


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