Nowadays, social media had became part of people life’s. Looking forward to development of technology, numerous gadget including smartphones, tablet, computers and other devices had been used to access the internet. People nowadays tend to communicate with one another using social media because it is very easy and did not require much effort to connect with one another just the way our past used to be.

In this era of technology, I see many social media had been develop and used by many people such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. For me, every social media had their own specialty and priority that masses of people installed it on their gadgets. By the same token, I also had social media account that I preferred the most which is Twitter. I started using it in 2012 and has been actively use it for every year. Right now, I had been followed by 403 peoples and following 200 peoples. It works just simple and efficiently. Furthermore, there is not so much of ads and I can enjoy it everyday. Twitter enable me to follow  peoples or authorities that I want to keep in touch with. I can see one’s activities, their daily day routine and their personal thought and ideas. Moreover, I love using Twitter because it allows me to inform fact in seconds and start to see responses and direct replies within seconds. One that I often learn from Twitter is Grammar YUNiversity, Words, Motivational Quotes. These are account that made to enhance one’s vocabulary and give motivational words everyday.

In a nutshell, Twitter works as a diary for me. It helps me relieve stress and share my own feelings. Furthermore, my followers can favourite or retweet  my tweet to respond me and show their support. Twitter is one of the best social media I ever had.


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