JOURNAL 1 – Life Changing Experience

              In February 2013,I managed to get a position as the Girls Hostel Leader. I was literally in consternation at that time because I am the type of person who used to be shy and have low self esteem. It is going to be a massive burden for me.  Not to mention, I did not have senior to refer on how the hostel works because it is a new school. Under those consequences, in the first two months, I had did not do anything. I tried to follow guidelines given by the teachers. However, it did not turn out well. The teachers and my peers often put a pressure on me because the hostel was in chaos. I felt so depressed that I almost cried every night all by myself until I met Sensei Norizan. She was a warden and very loving person. Plus, I told her all my problems and she was on the ball. She gave me many motivational talks and encourage me to face the music because it was our part of responsibility as a human in this world.

             At the end of the year, I was asked to join a program held by the national boarding school called Coaching of Coordinator. The objective of that program is to give the right way on how  to enroll hostel management. I was so happy at that time because I get to meet many high committees of hostel from all around Malaysia. Moreover, the participants were very enthusiastic to tell their story about their hostel. At the drop of a hat, I already set my mind to become like them who give their fully-commitment towards their work.

            So, I started to make research and plan what I am going to do for the hostel. I was really into it. Moving on, in 2014, I worked my plan and it ran smoothly. After that, I started to approach juniors and be friend with them. Then, I realized that I have not been friendly with them that they might scared of me. Our hostel bureau had also reorganized. Furthermore, we did many activities and we succeed to get their support and cooperation. Sometimes, Sensei and I visited the girls family at their houses along with some endowment whom in need. From here, I learn that we must to take care of other people and work as a family under a society. Sensei always reminds me that as a leader, we must participate with the subordinates to work on something and not just commanding.

         Lastly, at the end of the year, our school hostel had won silver prize in Anugerah Asrama Terbilang. I was very happy that I could shed some tears. Furthermore, I also bestowed with Aspiration Leader award in the end of the year. What I can conclude that, every cloud has a silver lining. These experience really had changed my behavior, mind set and mentality in order to survive this world of divers possibilities.


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