Weekly Journal 4

People in this world are tend to undergo changes in their life when they peruse new things or when they are influenced by somethings that really aspire them. These influences can be various due to divers sources of aspiration. For example, books, music,  event and activity. Plus,  there are many moral values and messages implicit that may influence someone to undergo changes in thier mind, attitude and personality.

As for me, thing that has change my perspective and influence me for most was joining marching team. I bet many people think that marching is kind of boring,  mundane activity. Trust me,  it is way much better. Moreover, these activity encourage us to apply discipline in our daily life. First, we need to present ourselves at the right time and not to be late. Everything in marching is all about making things work in precise. From the pace to the uniform itself. Every inches of the position of the badge need to be accurate. Even a slight of centimeters could bring huge difference for the team.

Moving on, marching conveys me to work hard as a team. This is highly shown when we have to perform our marching rhythmically.  With an absence of one person could destroyed the whole team. By the same token, we were encourage to take care well of each other as well. When someone forget their position or move in the team, we should teach and show them the right way it should be. By doing that, our bond as a team had became more close or else we will be punished as well. Even we shared our drinking bottle for the whole team! Therefore, these activity requires highly anticipating work as team and cooperating with each other.

Next, aside from having a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight,  joining a marching team bring a lot of changes in my life. Even when I walk through the day like an army. Not to mention, when I met our team by coincidence we salute to each other. This activity really influenced my daily life.  Furthermore, the best part is when we joined a competition and we won it. The moment was very precious that we cried while mesmerizing our hard time practising until midnight and were punished to get a perfect moves.

In a nutshell, joining a marching team had influenced my mind, personality and attitude. One should have  to join this activity too and you can see what it can influence your life.


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