Changing The World

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”
― Horace Mann
Pay it Forward is a great movie that highlighted the moral value of acting kindness toward others. In this story, it conveys a wonderful twist that change the term ‘pay it back’ to ‘pay it forward’. In this story, Trevor learnt that instead of paying back other peoples good deed, we should pay it forward to as many people we can. Therefore, even the small act of kindness may change numerous people fate in this world.
If I have the capability to change the world, I would like to change human perspectives about the term ‘Giving’ and make people make it as their daily ritual in life. Giving is the act of willingness to contribute our belongings to somebody.  It can be giving our money, food and drinks, and property. On the other hand, if we are the type of bourgeoisie, we can give people other than that. For instance, to show people our concern, clemency to their inopportune and hardship, helping others to find their happiness and even smile. For achieving this, I will make a huge effort to engender positive result that may change the world. To be precise, I will organize a gargantuan campaign about this giving project and pluck the authorities to help people whom seriously in need. Moreover, this campaign should be eccentric by  including some motivational video, role plays and most important approaching the youngsters. Furthermore,there should a big box placed at every one’s home that can be used to place as much things that aren’t needed in somebody’s home. I believe that, this could embellish one’s life if they contribute giving and pay it forward as well.
Have you ever noticed that, nowadays, people are forced to give. They had this bad prescient about losing when they give.  There is a quote by 15 years old writer and diarist, Anne Frank that goes “No one has ever become poor by giving”. This mirrored that when we give or help others, we will gain as much happiness in our life. Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give. In Pay It Forward movie, Trevor really put his effort to help others so that people will do the same to as much people in order to change the world. The results may be volatile, but the effort is what most prominent.
In a nutshell, I recommend to you to practice giving along with pay it forward. Giving is better than receiving. I believe that a small handy help give a huge impact to someone’s life. Remember that, there is saying goes there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Let’s go change the world !

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