LOVE, It Is A River

Love, it is a river- Amanda McBroom, ‘The Rose’

Love. It has diverse meaning. Amanda Broom said in her song ‘The Rose’ that love; a river that drown the tender reed. In my point view, love is for the lucky and strong. Love, it is river shows that in love, there is interminable flow of ramification and impediment. Plus, we have to prepare ourselves with these possibility of horrendous river that would affect our life eternally and externally.  Therefore, a person who do not have the ability to swim and strength to barge the force of flowing river is not ready yet to experience and to be in love. Those with tender and soft-hearted must have the willingness and courage to behold the horrendous river throughout the love.

It is a lie to say that I have never been in love or experience it. Anyone have their tendency to be in love. Sometimes, love comes involuntarily and it is like thunder that strikes us at instance without our notice. Love can be defined or propose to any kind of living things in this world. It can be love to our family, friends, pets or even the nature. However, the greatest thing about love is the act of love to someone that had captured our heart and soul. In other word, our soul mate.

For the past 18 years, there are several times I had fell in love. Actually it is sort of crushing on someone secretly. To be exact, there are few guys that had stolen my heart. It has had gave much impact to my life even though it just a temporary feeling. First of all, when I see a typical handsome guy and have the good criteria that I am looking forward to, there is no way I will not fall for. There is a guy I met in high school that had caught my attention. For me, he is the perfect cordial guy I ever seen. So, I started to have a crush on him. I stalked his table in the class, his background and his friends.

Day by day, my feeling has changed into love. My heart race in extreme speed when I look at him. I even pray so that I am going to marry him someday. Sometimes, I asked my friend to give him something secretly. At that moment, I did not even know that actually my friend also had a crushed on him. Plus, she had confessed to him too. I was literally in shock by that time that my heart break into pieces. Moreover, the guy responded my friend’s confession very well. That incident really had gave huge impact to my life. I was drowning with my own tears. From that moment I realize that I am not ready yet to be in love with someone. My heart becomes fear of breaking. It is true that love, is a river, that drown the tender reed. Plus, love is for the lucky and strong.


5 thoughts on “LOVE, It Is A River

  1. Indeed, the fact about love mentioned is indisputable. Love ourselves first before we love somebody. Be happy then we can make people happy too!

    And one more thing, u will only be ready when u start doing it! I wish u all the best in yr future career and relationship Saadah!


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