Responding to a Quote

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”

― Steve Maraboli

This quote mirror on how human should do or react upon impediments in life to pursue happiness. In this era of globalization and technology, there are multifarious events that we are unable to expect. Whether it is good or bad, we are clueless about a situation. Therefore, it is essential for us to get ready for the future with diverse possibilities.

In our journey through this horrendous life, it is indubitable that we have gone through different scenario which requires physical, emotion and mental preparation. Sure thing that we are prone to get hurt and occasionally it daunts us to move on. Sometimes, we might have to cry because of the incredible impacts it had made to our life. Moreover, the continuation of our life involves the act of other people related to ourselves. There are always some unpredictable acts from others that had effect our life decision and problems.

I personally think that this quote gives an individual a kind of support or motivation to move on and to achieve happiness without hurting someone else. Plus, it encourages us to cry and let out everything that highly disturbed us. We are not recommend to conceal or to keep the concerning problems in our heart as they will further our pain of being hurt. Next, the act of forgiving others is one of the most vital things that we have to utilize in our life. It is considered as the willingness to accept ones action that effect our life. Even though, the action or causes has a great impact in our decision making, forgiving others will soon lighten the burden of everything as we accept on who they are.  It is useless to hold the grudge to someone because it is like pain staking action to ourselves too. To keep the grudge for a long time happens to prevent happiness from occurring for us as well for others.

Furthermore, from all these kinds of impediments, we are asked to learn from it. Learn from our past and mistakes to create a better future.  As the say goes, Nobody Is Perfect, shows that human are not impeccable and prone to make mistakes. So, to overcome or avoid the same mistakes from repeating is by learning and improving ourselves.  In this context, we are advised to utilize our memory and scrutinize the factor of certain act and behaviour of others as well as ours. From these, we tend to avoid it and to make it as example to move on and achieve happiness.

To achieve happiness is not easy. It requires the courage and ability to barge the consequences in life. The act of optimistic on going through life is also highly encourage. It makes us think differently and accept the flaw. Soon, all the tears, learning process and forgiving others are the things that can build happiness in our life.


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