The Most Expensive Commercial

Have you ever heard about the most expensive commercial in the world? What was the commercial is all about? What makes it so expensive? Why did people sacrifice tons of money to make that commercial? Well, to be frank, there is a commercial that was made in 2007 and was bestowed as the most expensive commercial in the world.

I bet certain people had watched it before; however, for those who never watch it yet, I will give you the link. Here is the link that will bring you there!

Actually, the commercial is all about cars. Honda Company made this advertisement to promote their novel car model – Honda Accord.  I had watched the commercial during my high school in 2010. The commercial really gave me the jaw-dropping response. Furthermore, the commercial is implausible to exercise in my brain. Can you believe that this is the world’s most costly advertisement? Plus, it is the winner of best Ad of the world! It took 606 takes and re-takes to make this commercial and the total cost was $ 6.2 million for this 90 second commercial. Everything is real with no graphics used!

Throughout this commercial, we can see that it uses diverse parts of the car that will link together to promote the whole car. Moreover, it uses from the tires, dashboard, mirror, wipers and more. At the end of the commercial, there is a voice saying that “Isn’t it nice, when things just work?” I was in dumbfounded to hear that – seven words for 6.2 million commercial! Moreover, I have read all the people’s comments and feedbacks. Certain people said that it is hard for them to believe and they resist by saying that the company still use some CG effects to produce this commercial. On the other hand, some people have their own point of view; the commercial is pretty awesome and incredible. The law of physics and science were concisely occupied in this commercial.

In my own predilection, I think that the commercial is worth it. It satisfies the company as well as the viewers. It is undeniable said that it had won the best commercial in the world in 2007. The greater the effort to make up things, the value or the quality of the last product will be sublime. Just like our life as a human in this world – everything is evaluated. A person who is superior in society or succeed in his or her life, indubitably said that he had gone multifarious impediments and efforts that had made him the way he is now. For example, a millionaire entrepreneur who has succeed, he or she must had gone through a great efforts to achieve success. Then, he gained a lot from the business as the effort paid off.

What I can conclude here is that, no matter what is the final product is going to be, but the most predominant thing is effort to make up things as well as vision to get it succeed. Just like Honda slogan; The Power of Dreams.


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