When I first look at this question, my mind went null. It is hard for me to make decision between to die by doing righteous thing or to survive by committing immorality. From the bottom of my heart, I admit that there is a slight of fear in my soul when it comes to the word ‘die’. I bet that it is not just me, most of people fear to hear or near the death. However, we shall remember that death is compulsory for every living. In the Holy Quran, Allah has stated in verse 185 in the third chapter: ‘Every soul shall taste death’. Thus, we cannot escape from the death. In this context, I’m willing to die by doing righteous thing than living in immorality.

First of all, what is morality? Just keep it simple to say that morality means manner, character or proper behavior. Some might say that morality is some way of doing any kind of humane act and the act of benevolence towards others. The question is why do I choose to die by doing righteous thing? Corazon Aquino says that ‘I would rather die in a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life’. This quote renders that it is better to die in a way that people would honor us rather than living in disguise. When I think about it, it is true. Death does not mean the end of everything. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. He is the most widely known African-American leader of his era who has died in 1968. He is a visionary leader who was deeply committed to achieve social justice among African-American in The United States. Moreover, his life and his work have been honored with a national holiday, schools and public building named after him. Here, it shows that people honor him because the righteous thing that he could do for the nation. Therefore, I would prefer to die in righteous thing rather than living in immorality.

Furthermore, I would rather die by doing the righteous thing because I believe that there will be a good reward waiting for me from the God if I do so. On the other word, I would prefer to die for the sake of my own religion and to do humane things among the Muslim in this world. For an instance, there are so much things that I can do to help other Muslims such as lending my help in Gaza, Palestine and Syria. I know that it is somehow deleterious for my own life. Plus, I might be shot or bombed by the Zionists when I go there. However, to die in such morality and honored way somehow is worth rather than being judged by people for living in immorality. It is the righteous thing to do as a human in this world that is to live in humanity. I believe that every good thing comes with good consequences.

To sum it up, I’m willing to die in by doing righteous thing rather than to survive by committing immorality. I’ve always know that there is something great waiting for me ahead.


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