When I first look at this question, my mind went null. It is hard for me to make decision between to die by doing righteous thing or to survive by committing immorality. From the bottom of my heart, I admit that there is a slight of fear in my soul when it comes to the word ‘die’. I bet that it is not just me, most of people fear to hear or near the death. However, we shall remember that death is compulsory for every living. In the Holy Quran, Allah has stated in verse 185 in the third chapter: ‘Every soul shall taste death’. Thus, we cannot escape from the death. In this context, I’m willing to die by doing righteous thing than living in immorality.

First of all, what is morality? Just keep it simple to say that morality means manner, character or proper behavior. Some might say that morality is some way of doing any kind of humane act and the act of benevolence towards others. The question is why do I choose to die by doing righteous thing? Corazon Aquino says that ‘I would rather die in a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life’. This quote renders that it is better to die in a way that people would honor us rather than living in disguise. When I think about it, it is true. Death does not mean the end of everything. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. He is the most widely known African-American leader of his era who has died in 1968. He is a visionary leader who was deeply committed to achieve social justice among African-American in The United States. Moreover, his life and his work have been honored with a national holiday, schools and public building named after him. Here, it shows that people honor him because the righteous thing that he could do for the nation. Therefore, I would prefer to die in righteous thing rather than living in immorality.

Furthermore, I would rather die by doing the righteous thing because I believe that there will be a good reward waiting for me from the God if I do so. On the other word, I would prefer to die for the sake of my own religion and to do humane things among the Muslim in this world. For an instance, there are so much things that I can do to help other Muslims such as lending my help in Gaza, Palestine and Syria. I know that it is somehow deleterious for my own life. Plus, I might be shot or bombed by the Zionists when I go there. However, to die in such morality and honored way somehow is worth rather than being judged by people for living in immorality. It is the righteous thing to do as a human in this world that is to live in humanity. I believe that every good thing comes with good consequences.

To sum it up, I’m willing to die in by doing righteous thing rather than to survive by committing immorality. I’ve always know that there is something great waiting for me ahead.


Responding to A Song

So Close – Jon McLaughlin

You’re in my arms, and all the world is calm.
The music playing on for only two.
So close, together.
And when I’m with you
So close, to feeling alive.

A life goes by,
Romantic dreams must die.
So I bid my goodbye
And never knew.
So close, was waiting,
Waiting here with you.
And now, forever, I know
All that I wanted
to hold you so close.

So close to reaching
That famous happy end.
Almost believing
This one’s not pretend.
And now you’re beside me,
And look how far we’ve come.
So far we are. So close…

Oh how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?

We’re so close to reaching
that famous happy end,
And almost believing,
this one’s not pretend.
Let’s go on dreaming
for we know we are…
so close, so close
and still so far…


When we’re that close,

Right in your arms,

Words that can’t be denied,

You really meant it,

When we’re that close,

The music that played for us,

Hold us together, forever

When we’re that close,

Dream still must goes,

Goodbye is not a choice,

‘Cause you knew that close

Means almost reach those

When we’re that close,

Pretentious is not us;

You and I believed,

With you beside me,

Together we achieve happiness

When we’re that close,

‘How’ is not our problem,

Together we strive the days,

The days without us,

No worries,

‘Cause you will not lose me

When we’re that close,

Trust me,

There will not be so far.

The Most Expensive Commercial

Have you ever heard about the most expensive commercial in the world? What was the commercial is all about? What makes it so expensive? Why did people sacrifice tons of money to make that commercial? Well, to be frank, there is a commercial that was made in 2007 and was bestowed as the most expensive commercial in the world.

I bet certain people had watched it before; however, for those who never watch it yet, I will give you the link. Here is the link that will bring you there!

Actually, the commercial is all about cars. Honda Company made this advertisement to promote their novel car model – Honda Accord.  I had watched the commercial during my high school in 2010. The commercial really gave me the jaw-dropping response. Furthermore, the commercial is implausible to exercise in my brain. Can you believe that this is the world’s most costly advertisement? Plus, it is the winner of best Ad of the world! It took 606 takes and re-takes to make this commercial and the total cost was $ 6.2 million for this 90 second commercial. Everything is real with no graphics used!

Throughout this commercial, we can see that it uses diverse parts of the car that will link together to promote the whole car. Moreover, it uses from the tires, dashboard, mirror, wipers and more. At the end of the commercial, there is a voice saying that “Isn’t it nice, when things just work?” I was in dumbfounded to hear that – seven words for 6.2 million commercial! Moreover, I have read all the people’s comments and feedbacks. Certain people said that it is hard for them to believe and they resist by saying that the company still use some CG effects to produce this commercial. On the other hand, some people have their own point of view; the commercial is pretty awesome and incredible. The law of physics and science were concisely occupied in this commercial.

In my own predilection, I think that the commercial is worth it. It satisfies the company as well as the viewers. It is undeniable said that it had won the best commercial in the world in 2007. The greater the effort to make up things, the value or the quality of the last product will be sublime. Just like our life as a human in this world – everything is evaluated. A person who is superior in society or succeed in his or her life, indubitably said that he had gone multifarious impediments and efforts that had made him the way he is now. For example, a millionaire entrepreneur who has succeed, he or she must had gone through a great efforts to achieve success. Then, he gained a lot from the business as the effort paid off.

What I can conclude here is that, no matter what is the final product is going to be, but the most predominant thing is effort to make up things as well as vision to get it succeed. Just like Honda slogan; The Power of Dreams.


‘The real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people NOTICING things, paying attention’- John Green

This quote from John Green renders about the real heroes in this world. To be frank, I admit that I had never read this poem. I heard from my friends that this poem actually comes from a novel by John Green. So, I’m making an apt surmise about this poem and found out that it is unexpectedly related to my life. In my point of view and what I understand from this poem is that a hero is not judged or appreciated by their doings and accomplishments but their concern and sensitivity about matters around their life as well as others.

What is a hero? Basically, a hero can be defined as a good man or woman who does any kind act of benevolence to save someone else or anything in need. In this world, people are influenced by the chicanery heroes such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman and more. Actually, there are real heroes in this world. They are consist of real human that had succeed to ameliorate their life and others for the sake of everyone happiness. Plus, they have been helping much to make a world a better place to live.

From this poem, it is true that a hero is being respected because of their sensitivity and attention to things around him or her. This evinces when I started enrolled in a boarding school in Johor. When I reminisced at that time, it was totally a big mess. It is all started when I was approved by the teacher regarding my position as a Student Representative Council. To be precise, I was given a position as the leader of girl’s hostel. I was totally in flabbergasted at that time.

A lot of queries keep popping out in my mind. I don’t have any senior to refer because the school was new and I was the first batch to sit for SPM examination. Looking at the plain and white building makes my heart beat anxiously. So, I started to manage the hostel at first by referring to the teachers outline. From there, I started to know what I have to do next. However, the outline is subtle and obscure. Basically, I just do what I know and accomplish it within a year.

In the end of that year, I started to realize that this is not the right thing to do. So, I started to approach the juniors and be friend with them. I spoke to them and asked them about their concern and what did they expect from me. From there, I managed to ameliorate the hostel management and brings the hostel live. At the end of my senior year, our school won the silver award for Hostel Management category and I was bestowed with Future Leader 2014. In a nutshell, I would consider myself as a hero and I totally agree with this poem.

Responding to a Quote

“Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.”

― Steve Maraboli

This quote mirror on how human should do or react upon impediments in life to pursue happiness. In this era of globalization and technology, there are multifarious events that we are unable to expect. Whether it is good or bad, we are clueless about a situation. Therefore, it is essential for us to get ready for the future with diverse possibilities.

In our journey through this horrendous life, it is indubitable that we have gone through different scenario which requires physical, emotion and mental preparation. Sure thing that we are prone to get hurt and occasionally it daunts us to move on. Sometimes, we might have to cry because of the incredible impacts it had made to our life. Moreover, the continuation of our life involves the act of other people related to ourselves. There are always some unpredictable acts from others that had effect our life decision and problems.

I personally think that this quote gives an individual a kind of support or motivation to move on and to achieve happiness without hurting someone else. Plus, it encourages us to cry and let out everything that highly disturbed us. We are not recommend to conceal or to keep the concerning problems in our heart as they will further our pain of being hurt. Next, the act of forgiving others is one of the most vital things that we have to utilize in our life. It is considered as the willingness to accept ones action that effect our life. Even though, the action or causes has a great impact in our decision making, forgiving others will soon lighten the burden of everything as we accept on who they are.  It is useless to hold the grudge to someone because it is like pain staking action to ourselves too. To keep the grudge for a long time happens to prevent happiness from occurring for us as well for others.

Furthermore, from all these kinds of impediments, we are asked to learn from it. Learn from our past and mistakes to create a better future.  As the say goes, Nobody Is Perfect, shows that human are not impeccable and prone to make mistakes. So, to overcome or avoid the same mistakes from repeating is by learning and improving ourselves.  In this context, we are advised to utilize our memory and scrutinize the factor of certain act and behaviour of others as well as ours. From these, we tend to avoid it and to make it as example to move on and achieve happiness.

To achieve happiness is not easy. It requires the courage and ability to barge the consequences in life. The act of optimistic on going through life is also highly encourage. It makes us think differently and accept the flaw. Soon, all the tears, learning process and forgiving others are the things that can build happiness in our life.

LOVE, It Is A River

Love, it is a river- Amanda McBroom, ‘The Rose’

Love. It has diverse meaning. Amanda Broom said in her song ‘The Rose’ that love; a river that drown the tender reed. In my point view, love is for the lucky and strong. Love, it is river shows that in love, there is interminable flow of ramification and impediment. Plus, we have to prepare ourselves with these possibility of horrendous river that would affect our life eternally and externally.  Therefore, a person who do not have the ability to swim and strength to barge the force of flowing river is not ready yet to experience and to be in love. Those with tender and soft-hearted must have the willingness and courage to behold the horrendous river throughout the love.

It is a lie to say that I have never been in love or experience it. Anyone have their tendency to be in love. Sometimes, love comes involuntarily and it is like thunder that strikes us at instance without our notice. Love can be defined or propose to any kind of living things in this world. It can be love to our family, friends, pets or even the nature. However, the greatest thing about love is the act of love to someone that had captured our heart and soul. In other word, our soul mate.

For the past 18 years, there are several times I had fell in love. Actually it is sort of crushing on someone secretly. To be exact, there are few guys that had stolen my heart. It has had gave much impact to my life even though it just a temporary feeling. First of all, when I see a typical handsome guy and have the good criteria that I am looking forward to, there is no way I will not fall for. There is a guy I met in high school that had caught my attention. For me, he is the perfect cordial guy I ever seen. So, I started to have a crush on him. I stalked his table in the class, his background and his friends.

Day by day, my feeling has changed into love. My heart race in extreme speed when I look at him. I even pray so that I am going to marry him someday. Sometimes, I asked my friend to give him something secretly. At that moment, I did not even know that actually my friend also had a crushed on him. Plus, she had confessed to him too. I was literally in shock by that time that my heart break into pieces. Moreover, the guy responded my friend’s confession very well. That incident really had gave huge impact to my life. I was drowning with my own tears. From that moment I realize that I am not ready yet to be in love with someone. My heart becomes fear of breaking. It is true that love, is a river, that drown the tender reed. Plus, love is for the lucky and strong.

Things That I Would Fight For

Everyone in this world has their own visions, missions and goals towards their accomplishment. In this world of diverse possibilities, goal is a point of achievement that requires effort and sacrifice.  There are no esteemed ventures worth participating in that don’t require some level of effort and struggle. Even you have to fight for it!

For me, thing that I would fight for in this life is the happiness for everyone.  First and foremost, what is the point of living in this world without feeling blessed and cherish? Happiness is the most crucial thing that would embellish our life. Everyone in this world has the right to seek for happiness. To make things clearer, I would put ton of efforts and sacrifices to make this world full with happiness and cherish.

One that really matter for me is to find and pursue happiness for my family. I would have done anything and everything for the sake of my family. Being with them for approximately 18 years had built the act of responsibility and courage in my soul. Furthermore, everything that I did until now reflects the hope and dreams for them. By the same token, I will face the music and fight for the horrendous impediment of life for the future of my family. On the other hand, it is kind of hurt to see my family being in the state of fretfulness. I would feel very guilty for it. Every of them are worth to fight for. And I even could sacrifice my life as long as it can bring happiness to them.

Have you ever been in a scenario where you and your parents were having a family outing at shopping mall but out of the blue you saw few pauper families begging for a cent? Don’t you feel something unpleasant? Basically, I could not live with myself knowing that I could help someone who is really in needed. This is because, I really want to help them. Sometimes, I feel that I want to take them home or give them some cash so that it can be helpful for them. Moreover, I want them to feel the warm of happiness between themselves. I know what exactly what they want that is warm and nice food that could fill their tummy. I believe that a small act of kindness can bring happiness to them. There is a quote by Mitch Albom that goes, “Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.” I believe that I could fight for someone’s happiness.

In a nutshell, there are many things that I would fight for in my life. Every of it requires generosity of efforts and sacrifices to engender positive result.

Changing The World

“Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.”
― Horace Mann
Pay it Forward is a great movie that highlighted the moral value of acting kindness toward others. In this story, it conveys a wonderful twist that change the term ‘pay it back’ to ‘pay it forward’. In this story, Trevor learnt that instead of paying back other peoples good deed, we should pay it forward to as many people we can. Therefore, even the small act of kindness may change numerous people fate in this world.
If I have the capability to change the world, I would like to change human perspectives about the term ‘Giving’ and make people make it as their daily ritual in life. Giving is the act of willingness to contribute our belongings to somebody.  It can be giving our money, food and drinks, and property. On the other hand, if we are the type of bourgeoisie, we can give people other than that. For instance, to show people our concern, clemency to their inopportune and hardship, helping others to find their happiness and even smile. For achieving this, I will make a huge effort to engender positive result that may change the world. To be precise, I will organize a gargantuan campaign about this giving project and pluck the authorities to help people whom seriously in need. Moreover, this campaign should be eccentric by  including some motivational video, role plays and most important approaching the youngsters. Furthermore,there should a big box placed at every one’s home that can be used to place as much things that aren’t needed in somebody’s home. I believe that, this could embellish one’s life if they contribute giving and pay it forward as well.
Have you ever noticed that, nowadays, people are forced to give. They had this bad prescient about losing when they give.  There is a quote by 15 years old writer and diarist, Anne Frank that goes “No one has ever become poor by giving”. This mirrored that when we give or help others, we will gain as much happiness in our life. Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give. In Pay It Forward movie, Trevor really put his effort to help others so that people will do the same to as much people in order to change the world. The results may be volatile, but the effort is what most prominent.
In a nutshell, I recommend to you to practice giving along with pay it forward. Giving is better than receiving. I believe that a small handy help give a huge impact to someone’s life. Remember that, there is saying goes there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Let’s go change the world !

Weekly Journal 4

People in this world are tend to undergo changes in their life when they peruse new things or when they are influenced by somethings that really aspire them. These influences can be various due to divers sources of aspiration. For example, books, music,  event and activity. Plus,  there are many moral values and messages implicit that may influence someone to undergo changes in thier mind, attitude and personality.

As for me, thing that has change my perspective and influence me for most was joining marching team. I bet many people think that marching is kind of boring,  mundane activity. Trust me,  it is way much better. Moreover, these activity encourage us to apply discipline in our daily life. First, we need to present ourselves at the right time and not to be late. Everything in marching is all about making things work in precise. From the pace to the uniform itself. Every inches of the position of the badge need to be accurate. Even a slight of centimeters could bring huge difference for the team.

Moving on, marching conveys me to work hard as a team. This is highly shown when we have to perform our marching rhythmically.  With an absence of one person could destroyed the whole team. By the same token, we were encourage to take care well of each other as well. When someone forget their position or move in the team, we should teach and show them the right way it should be. By doing that, our bond as a team had became more close or else we will be punished as well. Even we shared our drinking bottle for the whole team! Therefore, these activity requires highly anticipating work as team and cooperating with each other.

Next, aside from having a healthy lifestyle and shed some weight,  joining a marching team bring a lot of changes in my life. Even when I walk through the day like an army. Not to mention, when I met our team by coincidence we salute to each other. This activity really influenced my daily life.  Furthermore, the best part is when we joined a competition and we won it. The moment was very precious that we cried while mesmerizing our hard time practising until midnight and were punished to get a perfect moves.

In a nutshell, joining a marching team had influenced my mind, personality and attitude. One should have  to join this activity too and you can see what it can influence your life.

JOURNAL 1 – Life Changing Experience

              In February 2013,I managed to get a position as the Girls Hostel Leader. I was literally in consternation at that time because I am the type of person who used to be shy and have low self esteem. It is going to be a massive burden for me.  Not to mention, I did not have senior to refer on how the hostel works because it is a new school. Under those consequences, in the first two months, I had did not do anything. I tried to follow guidelines given by the teachers. However, it did not turn out well. The teachers and my peers often put a pressure on me because the hostel was in chaos. I felt so depressed that I almost cried every night all by myself until I met Sensei Norizan. She was a warden and very loving person. Plus, I told her all my problems and she was on the ball. She gave me many motivational talks and encourage me to face the music because it was our part of responsibility as a human in this world.

             At the end of the year, I was asked to join a program held by the national boarding school called Coaching of Coordinator. The objective of that program is to give the right way on how  to enroll hostel management. I was so happy at that time because I get to meet many high committees of hostel from all around Malaysia. Moreover, the participants were very enthusiastic to tell their story about their hostel. At the drop of a hat, I already set my mind to become like them who give their fully-commitment towards their work.

            So, I started to make research and plan what I am going to do for the hostel. I was really into it. Moving on, in 2014, I worked my plan and it ran smoothly. After that, I started to approach juniors and be friend with them. Then, I realized that I have not been friendly with them that they might scared of me. Our hostel bureau had also reorganized. Furthermore, we did many activities and we succeed to get their support and cooperation. Sometimes, Sensei and I visited the girls family at their houses along with some endowment whom in need. From here, I learn that we must to take care of other people and work as a family under a society. Sensei always reminds me that as a leader, we must participate with the subordinates to work on something and not just commanding.

         Lastly, at the end of the year, our school hostel had won silver prize in Anugerah Asrama Terbilang. I was very happy that I could shed some tears. Furthermore, I also bestowed with Aspiration Leader award in the end of the year. What I can conclude that, every cloud has a silver lining. These experience really had changed my behavior, mind set and mentality in order to survive this world of divers possibilities.